A Cheese head?

Last week, all Dallas Cowboys fans watched as the offensive line for the Cowboys fell apart and they lost their playoff bid. I was cheering for the Cowboys, as I used to cheer for them as a child. I remember racing home after church, my folks buying a bucket of Colonel Sanders’ chicken, and watching the game all Sunday afternoon. The one good thing about the Cowboys losing last week is that I didn’t have to feel guilty this weekend if they had been scheduled to play the Green Bay Packers. I’m a Brett Farve fan. So tomorrow, my son and I, guilt-free, will be cheering on the Packers. Not sure what we’ll do if the Packers end up in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. But that’s another week, another blog.

My husband mentioned to a client at work that his wife and son are Packers fans. Well, this client lives in Wisconsin. She sent him all sorts of Green Bay cheering equipment. I cannot believe I’m putting this picture on my blog.

So who are you cheering for this week?

One thought on “A Cheese head?

  1. Anonymous

    LOVE the photo!
    I am just hoping for good close games and enjoying watching with my family.
    We used to always order pizza for Sunday afternoon games, whichever had the best deal. Remember the Dominator?


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