Bravo! Brava!

A nearby high school was giving a performance of Phantom of the Opera tonight. My daughter and I love that particular musical, so I bought tickets. Little did I know what a special occasion it was. Apparently, the rights are not available for small venues such as high schools. When the director of Carroll High School looked into it, she found out they were doing a test, choosing six high schools from across the country to test how Phantom of the Opera would work in a small venue. Carroll High School was chosen. They were sent the script and the score. That’s it! Andrew Lloyd Webber’s company has worked closely with the high schools to help them, but basically the kids had to come up with the scenery, costumes, props, not to mention the talent.

The show was supposed to start at 7:30. Well, they had a few technical difficulties. If you’ve seen Phantom of the Opera, then you know what a technical show it is from the chandelier to the boat. The show started over an hour late but it was well worth it.

I stand and salute them tonight because they did an outstanding job! I was so proud of them! From the orchestra to the backstage crew to the choir and lighting, along with the amazing talent of the cast, what an accomplishment you achieved! Congratulations Dragon Thespians! Bravo! Brava! Well done!

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