A National Treasure?

We adored National Treasure, the original movie. My kids loved learning which historical facts were correct or skewed for the movie. The second movie just came out and we were there on opening day. My kids loved the movie! Loved it! The movie takes Nicholas Cage to European countries. I enjoyed going in Buckingham Palace. Since the first movie did even better in foreign markets, the producer wanted to give the 2nd movie more of an international flavor. But it still has an American feel. And the treasure hunt ends in America. I won’t give away any of the important details. It’s a fun, rollicking ride, so be sure and see it if you enjoyed the 1st movie. But the first one was best.

Seeing that the movie was #1 over the long holiday weekend and made $65 million, I’m betting there’s a 3rd movie on the horizon.

Have you seen any good films lately?

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