‘Tis the season …

for great movies to be coming out. My kids have been anticipating several movies that are coming out soon, like National Treasure 2 (Book of Secrets) and The Water Horse. We LOVED the first National Treasure movie. It was lots of fun, full of interesting historical information and combined with an intriguing but appropriate story. So we are really anticipating this one (Dec. 21)! The preview for The Water Horse just made us salivate it’s so charming and the cinematography looks fabulous (Dec. 25).

Over the holiday weekend, we saw Enchanted. We couldn’t wait to see this movie from the first moment we saw the preview. And it delivered! My family really enjoyed this one! We also saw Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium. My daughter loved this movie but my son and husband were bored. It did move slowly and there wasn’t as much story. But it was interesting. Tweaking the message, belief comes first. I’ve been doing Beth Moore’s study on Believing God and it’s pretty powerful to realize we see God move when we first believe. Power! Shazaam! So as a parent, if appropriate, you could dig a little deeper in this topic and move it into a spiritual realm rather than simply the secular version of believe in yourself.

Anyhoo, any other good movies out there that you’ve seen lately at the theater or at home?

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