I got hit by Lynda Schab to write 10 things I’m thankful for, so here goes:
1. God. He has so blessed us. I’ve learned so much about him this year.
2. My husband. He is so supportive and helpful. Such a great man!
3. My kids. They are so wonderful! So amazing to watch as they grow and learn.
4. My parents. I especially glad my dad is still here this year.
5. My friends! I have so many friends and am so blessed. It’s been great meeting more friends through Shoutlife.
6. My kids’ school. It’s been an adjustment, but I’m grateful for the ability for my kids to attend, for their teachers, for the school and what it stands for and how they believe school is a true partnership with parents.
7. My husband’s job.
8. My sweet little pets that give us so much love and pleasure.
9. Homeschooling. Boy, it changed our lives and has so blessed our family.
10. My writing. Which keeps me sane and yet makes me crazy all at the same time! 🙂
11. Prayer. Praying for so many friends in need right now. So thankful for the ability to enter God’s throne room and place burdens at His feet.

Sorry, I went over. I could go on. So much to be thankful for. I hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

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