Starbucks Wisdom

I was at Starbucks yesterday indulging in my favorite drink, a Peppermint Mocha which they only have at this time of year. For three and a half hours I sat there, sipping and working on my manuscript and a speech I’m giving this weekend. Eventually, I had to use the facilities. In the restroom, there was a large framed poster drawing of a tree. Along the roots were words like community. Can’t remember more of those, sorry, because my mind drifted off as I contemplated the saying at the top of the poster. “The Deeper the roots, the higher the reach.” I started thinking about the word picture it gave me. The deeper we dig into scripture, the Word of God, the higher we can reach up toward our God. If we only skim the surface of biblical truths, then we only have a superficial understanding of God and all He has done for us. If we dig deep, our understanding deepens, our awe grows and our hands lift toward our Heavenly Father.

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