30th Anniversary

If you’ve even seen a glimpse of the news these days, you couldn’t have missed all the hoopla going on at Graceland this week. It’s the 30th Anniversary of Elvis’s death. 30 years. That in itself seems unreal to me as I remember the day he died so clearly. But also, the fact that 50-60,000 people were in the meditation garden last night to remember. That’s incredible! What other artist garners that kind of interest?

I wonder what Elvis would think of all the attention. Who wouldn’t be pleased to be remembered so long after their death? Who wouldn’t want to make an impact not only on your generation but on those following? But I think Elvis was also very humble and I think he’d bow to the one that made it all possible. He alwasy made it very clear that his abilities and gifts were from God. I think he’d give credit where credit is due.

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