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I received a review today on Elvis Takes a Back Seat, so thought I’d share it with you. This is definitely the way I want to start EVERY Monday.

ELVIS TAKES A BACK SEAT is absolutely brilliantly written. Who knew that three women (and one man) could find themselves and each other on such an odd excursion, trying to find the real owner of a huge bust of Elvis? This book has everything a good read should have: some tears, a little witticism, meaningful connections, deeper self knowledge, a few good belly laughs, and hugs.
Dr. Tami Brady
TCM Reviews

If you go to the review site, scroll down and click on the cover for Elvis Takes a Back Seat and the review will come up. It tells a little more about the book than I like but I do love the last paragraph which sums up the book and gives the actual review. I’ve posted it here for your convenience.

So what do you think, do you read reviews and then buy accordingly?

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