Elvis is IN the building!

Tuesday at ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) was rockin’! B&H Publishing Group (my fantabulous publishing house) brought an Elvis impersonator — oops! a tribute artist — in for my signing! Harold “Elvis” Schulz was so much fun! He is not the 70s styled Elvis with big sideburns and potbelly squeezed into a white jumpsuit. Nope, he’s a young, hip 50s style Elvis. All his accessories were from the 50s. Elvis toured around the convention floor and then stood beside me during my signing. I think I should have ‘Elvis’ with me at ALL my future signings! Thanks, B&H! And thank you, Elvis, thank you verra much!

4 thoughts on “Elvis is IN the building!

  1. Jennifer

    What fun! Elvis lives again. (Love the curled lip!) Looks like a great time. I’m thrilled to see your book getting the attention it deserves. (And you)



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