Music City

I’m back from Nashville. It was a whirlwind trip. Thank you God, I didn’t have any hiccups with flying. Even though there was a terrible storm the night before I left and one when I got back. And it rained in Nashville Tuesday. Amazing that it didn’t affect my flights. A lot of people were praying for me, and I so appreciated the prayers!

The trip to Nashville was to visit my publisher, B&H Publishing. They were fabulous! The first night several folks who’ve been working so hard on my book took me to dinner. David Webb, my editor extraordinaire, Robin Patterson, Julie Gwinn, Kim Overcash and Mary Beth Shaw. We had a lot of fun and a delicious dinner.

Tuesday morning, I was up early and taken to B&H Publishing offices in downtown Nashville. They’re actually a part of Lifeway. It was a huge place, very impressive. The Winter 2008 Sales Conference was going on. So lots of the sales staff who will be introducing my book to retailers and booksellers were there. Let me just say, I was NERVOUS! But one of the best things for nerves is laughter. Right before I spoke, ‘Elvis’ entered the building and entertained us with a couple of songs. It was fabulous! I loved it! Then I spoke. I admit, I got choked up at one point. But I got control of the tears. It’s not easy sharing your heart with a roomful of folks you don’t know. I’ll post my speech on my newsletter. So if you haven’t joined my newsletter, you might want to do so now. I’ll be sending that out in the next couple of weeks. I had a lot of wonderful heartfelt responses to my journey going from ABA to CBA fiction and my story in comparison to my book.

Tuesday afternoon, a video was shot of me talking about my book and my career. They’re planning on using that on the B&H Publishing website and also at the ICRS convention coming up in Atlanta where I’ll be signing galleys of my book.

It was an exciting, nerve-wracking, fun-filled trip. I loved hearing about all the exciting things B&H Publishing is planning for the launch of their new fiction line along with Elvis Takes a Back Seat. I’ll be telling you more here, so keep watching. One of the most exciting things is the contest B&H Publishing is going to run to give away a trip to Graceland! So be watching for that.

I’ll have pictures in a few days of some of the fun from Nashville.

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  1. Leanna

    I saw a lot of pictures of stars. 😉 And of course, Elvis showed up at the conference. That was a hilarious. I did drive past the Parthenon and also the Ryman. I would love to get back to Nashville and see more of it.


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