Happy Father’s Day!

My Dad recently celebrated his birthday. He’s 76. That seems unbelievable to me. My grandparents are 76. And I am 12 years old, right? Wrong. Time goes so quickly, even faster as we get older.

When our parents reach a certain age, we begin to wonder if each birthday, each holiday will be their last. It is especially so when they have been ill. My dad has had a rough time. Cancer returned to his bones. So he has been on and off chemo for a couple of years. He’s now on radiation. Please pray for him, for healing, for peace, for grace to accept whatever God’s plan is. It is not easy being a strong and capable man, then being humbled by something eating away at your strength.

Hope y’all are able to spend time with your dads this weekend to celebrate their importance and your gratitude.

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